Member Appreciation and Magic at Local 401

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Member Appreciation and Magic at Local 401

More than 200 members attended Local 401’s final meeting of the year and magic just may have had something to do with the increased participation.

Local 401 Amanda Christianson with the Amazing Jeffo the Magician

Local 401 held its annual member appreciation event on Dec. 18 with member recognition and awards, along with entertainment from the Amazing Jeffo (“Not Your Typical Blind Magician!”) were all part of the program.

Photo at right: The Amazing Jeffo the Magician performing a gag with volunteer Amanda Christianson, Local 401

“We really wanted to thank our members for a great year and recognize outstanding leadership,” Statewide Vice President Thu Phan said. Phan, also a Local 401 member, is a tax specialist at the Dept. of Revenue.

“We chose the Amazing Jeffo as the entertainment because despite obstacles in his life, he embodies how you can overcome them and be motivational and entertaining as well,” Sam Sant, senior tax specialist at the Dept. of Revenue, said.  

Local 401 Thu Phan and the Amazing Jeffo the Magician

Photo at left: Statewide Vice President and the Amazing Jeffo the Magician at Local 401 membership appreciation event

Members were recognized in a variety of categories including new members, five-year members, stewards, recruiters, officers and delegates to Delegate Assembly, volunteers and long-time members.

Those who joined before 1985 were recognized for being members for 35 or more years: Julie Rosalez, Lisa Haselmann, Michael Reinartz, Sandy Moen, Kelley Turenne, Diane Carty, Laurie Lowrie, Brent Cochran, Fred Scott, Beth Bibeau, Barb Hemquist, Dennis Callinan, Paul Makousky, Tammy Nelson, Pam Tobritzhofe, and Rick Carlson.  

“They’ve been with MAPE for more than 35 years, through thick and thin, strikes and shutdowns, and we wanted to honor them for their accomplishments. They’ve really encouraged others to support our unionized efforts,” Phan said.