MAPE’s internal election results

Publish Date

The results from MAPE’s internal elections are in! Congratulations to those who have secured positions. Representing your union siblings is a huge honor. Thank you to all members who ran for a position. It takes courage to put your name on a ballot and run for something you are passionate about. Lastly, thank you to members who took the time to research the candidates and vote. Member leadership is a privilege that union members have and taking the time to invest in our democracy builds the strength of our union. 

Results of all contested statewide and local elections are listed below. Results for uncontested races are all listed here. 

Vice President 
Angela Halseth 

Political Council 
Cathleen Cotter 
John Ferrara 
Chet Bodin 

Jared Golde 
Joseph Sullivan 

Region 11 Director 
Jessica Raptis 

Region 13 Director 
Lois Tucke 

Local 301 Delegates 
Anne Claflin 
Jason Ewert 
Kristin Mroz-Risse 
Shanna Schmitt 

Local 401 Communications Officer 
Ashley Engh 

Local 401 Delegates 
Tammy Nelson 
Jeff Gintz 
Ted Snaza 
Sam Sant 
Jason Madore 
Amy Mueller 
Lisa Knops 

Local 701 Delegates 
Russel Schreyer 
Chris Cocchiarella 
AJ Van den Berghe 
Jennifer VanderPlaats 
Ellena Schoop 

Local 1002 Delegates 
Wai Wong-Lai 
Elizabeth Stephens 

Local 1101 Delegates 
Michele Wilson 
Ilyas Ali 

Local 1601 Vice President 
Christina Sundgaard 

Local 2001 Delegates 
Cathy Finken 
Kay Pedretti 
John Ferrara