MAPE at the State Fair

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Members staffing State Fair Booth

It was a happy Labor Day indeed for MAPE members who organized and staffed a booth at the Union Pavilion for two days at the State Fair and walked in the State Fair Labor Day Parade.

When I was at the fair Labor Day in 2019, I was sad that MAPE was not represented at the pavilion or in the parade and I made a plan to change that,” said Liz Pearson, Local 2101 President. “Representation was important to me and in talking with other people who visited with us during the fair, it was important to them as well. They felt a sense of pride!”

Liz Pearson Local 2102 President at State Fair

Pearson and MAPE Statewide Vice President Angie Halseth have taken the lead for the past two years to organize a MAPE presence at the fair.

“It’s important for MAPE to be at the fair so we can educate people about the fact that MAPE exists. A lot of people have never heard of us,” explains Pearson. “A lot of people were excited to visit other MAPE members.”

A total of 13 members and one MAPE staff worked 2-hours shifts over the two days. Pearson said the booth is also a good opportunity to encourage people to apply for State jobs.

Members at State Fair Parade

Six MAPE members also walked in the Labor Day Parade with the full union-represented contingent.

Pearson said, “It was fun hearing MAPE members and other state workers cheer us from the crowd when we walked in the parade.”

“I would like to specifically thank Liz for her work on this,” said Halseth. “I agree that MAPE as a Labor Union should have a presence on Labor Day, specifically at the Minnesota State Fair since we represent state workers. It is such a great way to let the people of Minnesota know about the important work we do for them every day and promote solidarity within in our union and between other unions as well.