MAPE receives Solidarity Award from the East Side Freedom Library

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Peter Rachcliff and Suzanne al-kayali

MAPE was honored to recently receive the prestigious Solidarity Award from the East Side Freedom Library (ESFL). The award was presented to the union for its “exemplary partnership and consistent support in advancing the mission of the East Side Freedom Library and its work, and for all that MAPE does to build power for workers.” 

“Through their support, MAPE has showcased the transformative impact of collective action for a fairer society. This award acknowledges MAPE's vital partnership with ESFL and their broader efforts in promoting solidarity and advancing social and economic justice, serving as an inspiration for others,” ESFL Executive Director Saengmany Ratsabout said. 

ESFL co-founder Peter Rachleff is no stranger to MAPE members. He has helped to share and expand the knowledge about labor history for years: Rachleff was the keynote speaker at last year’s Delegate Assembly and he spoke at the recent May Day event in Duluth. Region 5 invited him for a three-part “Lunch and Learn” program and he often provides mini union history lessons at monthly MAPE Board of Director meetings.  

The ESFL’s mission is to inspire solidarity, advocate for justice and work toward equity for all. The library houses non-circulating research collections that appeal to interested general learners as well as scholars, with innovative databases and aids that make using the collections fun and vital. Through the telling and gathering of stories and small-scale public performances, local residents and others learn more about the work and residential histories of the East Side.