MAPE members support striking Teamsters in St. Paul Park

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200 union employees of Marathon Petroleum’s St. Paul Park refinery remain locked out after a 24-hour strike in January. MAPE and several locals have been showing support for the Teamsters Local 120 workers since the strike began.

Teamsters Strike

Marathon takes crude oil and refines it into gasoline, diesel or liquid asphalt at its St. Paul Park refinery. Most fuel in Minnesota comes from this refinery or the Flint Hills refinery in Rosemount. 

“Last year, Marathon had a full-time firefighting brigade in there, then they asked employees to volunteer firefight as they worked their shifts. They’re trying to privatize some of the jobs and asking workers to do more with less,” Teamsters Local 120 Director of Politics and Organizing Paul Slattery said.

MAPE’s board of directors recently voted to contribute $5,000 to assist local striking Teamsters members. Local 2101 also voted to contribute $500 to the Teamsters Local 120 Assistance Fund and several other locals contributed financially and in other ways.

“It’s important to support Teamsters Local 120 because they’re people just like us in a situation where they need their fellow MAPE members to lend a helping hand and to have their backs right now,” Local 101 President Dave Skovholt said.

Teamsters Strike 2

“MAPE’s support of Teamsters Local 120 strike has been overwhelming. You’ve not only supported us financially, but your members have showed up on the picket lines with us,” Slattery said.

Local 2101 President Liz Pearson added, “When we support striking workers, we talk about ‘not crossing the picket line.’ Not buying gas from stations that are purchasing their gas from Marathon Refinery is another way to stand in solidarity.” 

The refinery supplies fuel to Marathon and Speedway gas stations across the Twin Cities.