MAPE enjoys Labor Day at the State Fair

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Like thousands of Minnesotans, MAPE members spent Labor Day at the Minnesota State Fair.

MAPE members at the MN State Fair

For the first time, MAPE members participated in the Labor Day parade and had a booth at the Fair. Members and others were encouraged to stop by the MAPE booth at the AFL-CIO building to learn more about MAPE and pick up information and swag.

Local 2101 President Liz Pearson watched the parade at the Fair a few years ago and wondered why MAPE wasn’t there and contacted the AFL-CIO about the union participating in the future. “It was really fun being with all of the other unions and talking with them,” Peterson added.

“It was really something to see people on the sidewalks recognizing MAPE

MAPE members at the State Fair booth

and giving us a cheer, whooting and hollering. You could literally see the pride wash over them as they made that momentary connection,” Region 7 Director Carolyn Murphy said.

Pearson said she would like to have a MAPE booth for four days at the Fair next year and noted there are other opportunities for MAPE to be more visible around the Twin Cities. Many of this year’s Fair volunteers came from her local, 2101, so she was justifiably proud. “I even signed up a member,” she added.

MAPE President Megan Dayton said she wanted to give a shout out to “all of the MAPE members who volunteered to show fairgoers that labor means business in our state.”