MAPE Elections: Candidate Forums

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The MAPE Elections Committee invites all members to attend the MAPE candidate forums for statewide offices. There will be three forums, one for each of the contested positions. All of the forums will be held via Zoom Webinar. Attendees may use state equipment to watch the forums.

Voting will open May 13 and will close May 27. You must be a member by April 29 to be eligible to vote.

Submit questions for the candidates to answer during the forum. You can submit questions until Friday, May 7 at 2 p.m.

Forum for Trustees Recording
Passcode: Hig&^eK6

Candidates (2 positions) 
Greg Ellis
Katherine DuGarm
Jared Golde
Joseph Sullivan

Forum for Political Council Recording
Passcode: &V5jazJ2

Candidates (3 positions)
Chet Bodin
Moi Boudoir
Cathleen Cotter
John Ferrara


Forum for Vice President Recording
Passcode: d#r?0Y&5

Candidates (1 position):
Angela Halseth
Ken Rodgers