MAPE announces legislative priorities as budget proposals begin rolling out

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MAPE has long supported Driver’s Licenses for All, Paid Family and Medical Leave and Restore the vote, and these issues are moving quickly at the Capitol during the first three weeks of the 2023 legislative session.

Earlier this week, Gov. Tim Walz set the tone for the budget process as he rolled out the first part of his proposed budget, vowing to make Minnesota “the best state in the country for kids” and “make our state the best place to raise a family.” The budget is the top priority for MAPE this session as we advocate for a budget that will allow us to serve Minnesotans to the best of our abilities.

“The top public legislative priority for MAPE this session is fully funding our state agencies to a level that renews the state’s commitment to better serve the people in our state by investing in workers who build careers that make Minnesota state services best in the nation,” said Political Council Chair John Ferrara. “To be the best, we have to recruit and retain the best workers and that means budgets that meet the needs of the work and the workers and keep up with inflation.”

Gov. Walz is expected to release his proposed budget on Jan. 24.

In order to advocate for this budget, we will need MAPE members at the Capitol, telling their stories of the work they do. “The most powerful way to move legislators is for them to hear from their constituents,” Ferrara added. He urged members to stay tuned for information about Lobby Day and other ways to get active.

Beyond the budget, time will also be spent working on a bill strengthening PELRA and modernize the contract approval process. “Over the last years, hundreds of hours of legislators’ and members’ time have been wasted, turning the contract approval process into a political fight,” said Nicole Juan, Political Council member. “There is no need for this and it is time to modernize.”

While MAPE leads on these top issues, we will continue our coalition work with Paid Family and Medical Leave, Driver's Licenses for All and the Equal Rights Amendment. These issues are top priorities for MAPE, but also are being led by partner  organizations.

Health care will be a priority for us as we both fight for the MinnesotaCare Buy-in which will be led by a coalition of organizations and also speak out against the Sanford-Fairview merger.

Staff will be spending time on some technical issues like pension bills that will generally help both retirees and current MAPE members who have been left out of the system.