Local membership awards announced at Delegate Assembly

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At Delegate Assembly 2022, Organizing Council Chair Lauren Siegel presented four membership awards that recognize locals for membership numbers and participation in union activities. 

The first awards recognized the local that had the highest participation in the negotiation survey. The locals with the highest percentage of members who completed the survey included Local 301 who had 55% completion, Local 1402 with 51%, 902 with 50%, 802 with 49% and 1303 with 47%. Locals with the most overall members who completed the survey, include Local 2101 with 487 members completing the survey, followed by 201 with 392, 601 with 378, 401 with 340 and 701 with 270.   

Locals with highest percentage and number of members who participated in the negotiations survey graph

One of the main goals of MAPE-tober is membership recruitment and therefore, the Organizing Council wants to recognize Locals who end up having the greatest number of members participate in MAPE-tober shifts. As of Delegate Assembly, Locals 201, 601 and 2101 were in the lead. Heading into the final week, Locals 601, 101 and 201 were leading. 

Two annual awards were also presented: the Local with the most improved membership percentage and the Locals that have a 75% or higher membership percentage.  

The top three Locals who increased local membership included Locals 1501, 1701 and 1304. There were five Locals with 75% membership or higher including Local 301 with 77%, Local 1903 with 77.2%, Local 1901 with 78% Local 1701 with 79% and a big congratulations to Local 1303 who has 88.5% membership.  

Locals with over 75% membership

“Good work on recruitment and building your Locals,” Siegel said.