Local 1001 announces new temporary leadership

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Local 1001 voted last week to split into two locals, 1001 and 1002.

The new Local 1002 will now comprise only members working for the Dept. of Education, including MNIT members working there.

The existing Local 1001 will now consist of members from MinnCOR, Lottery, Gambling Control, Dept. of Human Services, MNIT Services and Dept. of Transportation Metro District. 

Under MAPE’s Interim Local Governance Policy, Local 1002 President Maurice Wilson will serve as interim president of Local 1001. In accordance with the union’s bylaws, Wilson has appointed several Local 1001 members to serve in leadership positions: Kent Barnard will serve as temporary vice president, Mathias Dall will be the local’s temporary membership secretary and Eric DeVoe will serve as temporary treasurer. Local 1001’s temporary secretary will be announced soon.

Local 1001 special elections are expected to take place early next year.