Legislative Committee passes MAPE’s contract on an interim basis

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MAPE’s 2021-2023 contract is now in interim effect based on a vote today by the Subcommittee on Employee Relations (SER). The vote by SER was the first step in the legislative process because the full Legislature still must pass the contract by mid-May of next year. The vote was 9-1 to recommend the Legislature fully ratify the contract.

Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) informed us that the new rates of pay, including retro pay from July 1, will be included in paychecks beginning Dec.17. This is later than usual due to a backlog of contracts that are now being updated. 

Two weeks ago, MAPE members voted overwhelmingly to approve the new contract by 97 percent. “The 97 percent ‘yes’ vote is indicative of the Negotiations team being able to effectively listen and bring forward topics of concern to our members. It shows that member participation in surveys and voices in listening sessions made actual impacts,” said Negotiations Co-Chair Carolyn M.J. Murphy.

MAPE negotiators secured wage increases of 2.5 percent each year, added benefits like 3D Mammograms to member health insurance with no major changes in out-of-pocket expenses and a modest 3% increase in premium costs, added Juneteenth as a holiday, and secured an increase to employer contribution to deferred compensation and more.

“Members told us they wanted to see gains in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion; telework and temporary unclassified employees. More than 1,000 members met with Gov. Walz to discuss some of these issues, then thousands more participated in open bargaining when we told MMB negotiators these were important issues to us,” Negotiations Co-Chair Adam Novotny said. “Transparency was very important to the Negotiations Committee.”

More contract information is available at www.mape.org.

Since the Legislature still must pass the contract next year, MAPE is developing plans for members to meet with their legislators to discuss the important work we do for Minnesota.

“We need to get our contract through a highly partisan Legislature at a time when politicians are gearing up for re-election. We often say, ‘When we fight, we win!’ We know when we work together we can do great things, including helping to pass our contract, so we can better serve our fellow Minnesotans, our members and our communities,” MAPE President Megan Dayton said.