Human Rights minutes Nov 6, 2018

Publish Date


November 6, 2018



For the Union:           Scott Beutel, Jill Keen, Brianne Lucio, Shawn Swinson-Stafford (chair), and Lenora White


For Management:      Rowzat Shipchandler and Peter Zuniga



1  Procedural topics

Management and MAPE discussed the following procedural topics:

  • Cathy Bisser (Management) and Jodie Segelstrom (Management) were unable to attend.
  • Lenora White (Union) has transitioned from guest to member.
  • Laura Danielson has joined as a member, but was unable to attend, due to another commitment.


2  Hay process / range reassignment

Management and MAPE discussed the following Hay / range-reassignment topics:

  • Rowzat Shipchandler indicated that Rowzat Shipchandler sent a range-reassignment package to Cathy Bisser.  The package included MAPE’s range-reassignment materials, in their entirety, along with Management’s range-reassignment letter.
  • Rowzat Shipchandler indicated that Cathy Bisser will send the range-reassignment package to MMB Enterprise Director of Employee Classification & Compensation Dori Leland.


3 Transition

Management and MAPE discussed the following transition topic:

  • Rowzat Shipchandler indicated that there are no new transition updates and that future updates will depend on the results of tonight’s election. 


4 Tentative scheduling of next meeting

  • Management and MAPE tentatively agreed to meet from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM on Monday, December 10, 2018.