GRC minutes May 3, 2018

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MAPE Government Relations Committee Minutes
May 3, 2018
Location: MAPE Central

Meeting called to order at 9 a.m.

Members Present: Jettie Ann Hill (1101), Nicole Juan (2101), Amanda Hemmingson-Jaeger (1203), Lee Sullivan (401), Michael Schultz (401), Cheryl Barber (902), Nicholas Snavely (1703) (remote). Absent: Glen Donnay, Ellie Wikstrom (Associate Members)

Guests throughout meeting: Chet Jorgenson (MAPE President), Richard Kolodziejski (MAPE Public Affairs and Communications Director), Monica Weber (501, PAC Member), Pete Marincel & Dave Kamper (Organizing BAs)

  • Welcome
  • Legislative Update
    • Richard: Entering last two weeks of legislative session, updates on pension bill, tax bill, bonding bill, Constitutional amendment re: transportation funding
  • DOH Debrief:
    • -- registration space in the vault
    • Would be helpful to walk through the packets at some point
    • -- legislators appreciated individual letters
    • More time to meet as a group prior to meeting (tough to balance)
    • How to better explain SOB & SSB?
    • -- training video
    • -- appointments close to each other
    • -- lots of new people participating
    • Should think about revamping – think about this well in advance. Start thinking in November what we want to do. Should be an all day event or a come when you can event?
    • -- good number of volunteers for what we needed
    • -- TY postcards were well received
    • Q4 DOH Revamp retreat – put in budget (invite folks to participate)
    • Next year idea: focus weeks/days by agency for agency budgets
    • -- MAPE Days: highlight agencies: HHS, Public Safety Day, etc.
  • Legislative Priorities
    • Open input to membership via newsletters May 9 – June 15
    • Will review at June 29 meeting
  • Restructure Presentation
    • Chet Jorgenson presented the proposed restructure plan
    • Comments from committee:
    • -- We would like the ppt emailed to the committee
    • -- Wary about Presidential appointments and the weight of them. Like that the membership is given more of a voice. If anything the appointments should be limited to one
    • -- Approved/Elected language. Should that be noted that If you are approved/appointed to the councils, you cannot hold office (local officers, negotiations, regional officer) position as well? This should be clarified in resolution language).
    • -- Term limits should apply to councils, as the rest of the statewide officers. Terms should be staggered.
    • -- What is the budget process for the Councils so they are able to do the work?
    • -- The subgroup of the board for hiring decisions should have specific provisions to make sure that there is equity built in. Should be a diverse pool of members/positions.
    • -- Councils should have specific responsibilities – restructure be clear who does what. Who is responsible for things that the GRC currently does: Legislative Priorities? Who is in charge of oversight of Diversity & Inclusion? DOH?
    • -- When is implementation? Is it phased? Which pieces are?
    • -- The PAC should be included in restructure pieces: including having the same term limit pieces and staggering as every other position on committees/ the board. Also more transparency to those who contribute.
    • -- Restructure packet due June 29 (when GRC meets next). We are requesting copy of that packet to review that day.
  • Political Action Team Presentation
    • Dave Kamper & Pete Marincel
    • Local-centered initiative to engage members politically
    • Major meeting June 6th, TBD (near Cap Complex)
    • -- Will create list of MAPE members, phone bank
    • -- Funding for food?
    • Asks for GRC?
    • -- Show up June 6
    • -- Make specific outreach calls w/ leaders as needed
    • -- Help on door knocking days (re-shifting)
    • Amanda will be point for GRC on this project
  • Review Quarter 2 Grant
    • Ann motioned to allocate $800 in food/beverage to June 6 POT event
    • Michael 2nd
    • Motion passed
  • Next Steps:
    • Nicole invite PAC to next meeting
    • SD63 GRC members work with Senator Torres Ray for outreach event (set up planning meeting)
    • Nicole draft Q3 grant proposal (similar to Q2)
  • Next Meeting: June 29th @ MAPE Central
    • Wil invite PAC to meeting
    • Agenda items at this time include:
    • -- Resolutions as needed
    • -- Legislative priorities