Grant Application Process Funding available - apply today!

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The Organizing Council is responsible for reviewing, approving, and/or denying grant proposal applications. This page includes an online application and information on how to initiate a request for financial and or organizational assistance.



Sarah Evans (chair)
Local 601

Lauren Siegel (vice chair)
Local 2101

Zac Echola
Local 1502

Bobbie Miller-Thomas
Local 201

Kristine Moody
Local 401

Adam Novotny
Local 1101

Kirsten Peterson
Local 1801





How to Apply

Fill out the virtual grant application HERE

This form should include a cost estimate.

Note: If you have questions and/or need assistance filling out the application, please reach out to the Organizing Council. We can also assist applicants in developing grant ideas and designing an initial proposal.

Ideas for grant money:

Locals/members can apply for grant money to help cover anything with membership engagement, New Employee Orientation, education, relationship building, actions by local leaders, strategizing and organizing around activities/actions.

All submission requests will be approved based on:

  • Alignment with MAPE's Operating Principles
  • Availability of funds
  • Scope of the request

Any denials will be given an opportunity to re-submit with suggested revisions for reconsideration. 

After Applying

You should receive a response from a council member that your request has been collected and we’ll provide you with a response time estimate.