Finance minutes May 9, 2018

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MAPE Finance Committee Meeting Minutes
May 9, 2018

The meeting scheduled for April 11, 2018 was cancelled.

A regular meeting of the MAPE finance committee convened at 12:00pm on May 9, 2018. Technical difficulties prevented us from using Adobe Connect but the MAPE conference call worked so we were able to proceed with some participants at the MAPE office and some on the phone.

Members present: Todd Maki (Chair), Ken Jackson, Marcia Beukelman, Scott Rood. Others present during the meeting: Paul Schweizer, Chet Jorgenson, John Bower (BOD and Building Corp officer), Gary Paulson (CPA).

Reviewed and discussed audit results for the MAPE Building Corp and the MAPE combined financial statements with CPA Gary Paulson. These results will be shared with Directors at the next BOD meeting.

Chet thanked members of the finance committee for their participation.

Discussed the results of our committee recommendations to the last Board of Directors meeting:
• We recommended moving $2,000 from undesignated reserves to the election committee. This motion was approved by the BOD along with extra funds to cover the cost of the special election for Statewide 1st VP.

• We recommended NO back pay for lost time now that our contract has been approved. After a lengthy debate this motion was defeated. Back pay will be funded for anyone with an amount of $20 or more. This motion had an additional provision that allows members opt-out of receiving back pay if they wish. These payments have been processed and will be part of the funds disbursed this Friday, May 11.

• The changes to the Grant Approval Process we discussed were incorporated into the policy, which was approved by the BOD.

Discussed by-law and policy changes needed due to pending Janus decision. Todd also discussed this with the Exec Committee and agreed to do an initial draft. The goal is to get this done so this committee can review at our next meeting.

Reviewed Local budgets and checkbook audits. We will contact Local treasurers as needed. We are missing budgets from Locals 1301, 1302, 1303 and 1501. We are missing checkbook audits from Locals 901, 1201 (who has a checkbook but is not using it), 1202 (who has a new treasurer but no records from last year), 1302, 1303 and 1401.

Next meeting dates scheduled for May 23, June 13 and July 11 from noon to 3pm via Adobe Connect. Todd will work with Davia to find out why were not able to use Adobe Connect today and make changes so we are able to connect for our next meeting. Future topics include 2019 budget (May 23 and June 13) and review and discussion of investments (July 11).

Respectfully submitted,
Todd Maki