Finance minutes March 30, 2018

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Finance Committee Meeting Minutes
March 30, 2018

A regular meeting of the MAPE finance committee convened at the MAPE Central office at 8:30am.

Members present: Todd Maki (Chair), Ken Jackson, Marcia Beukelman, Scott Rood. Others present during the day: Paul Schweizer, Julie Lee, Joe Sullivan, Richard K, Ellena Schoop (by phone).

MSP (Beukelman) to approve meeting minutes from 2/28/18.
Review of governing documents.
Todd M to discuss potential changes to By-laws due to Janus with Exec Committee.
Paul S to review and update credit card policy and Lost Time FAQ.
Committee members to review financial policies.
Discussed Board of Trustee roles with Joe S.
Discussed new MAPE website with Richard K.
Discussed 2018 budget with Paul S.
MSP (Rood) to recommend $2,000 from undesignated reserves to fund an election committee meeting.
Current budget only covers the cost of conducting elections with our vendor, Big Pulse. The committee would like to meet to review current election rules and propose changes to the 2018 Delegate Assembly.
MSP (Rood) to recommend no back pay compensation for lost time due to delayed legislative contract approval.
Discussed Grant Approval Process with Ellena Schoop.
Todd M to send suggested edits of policy to Ellena and other working on this process.
Discussed Local budget documents with Paul S and Julie L.
Todd M to assign Locals to committee members for review of budgets and checkbook audits.

Meeting adjourned at 4:30pm.
Next meeting dates set for April 11 and May 9 from noon to 3pm via Adobe Connect.
Future topics to include review of 2017 Audit, discussion of investments and 2019 budget.