Finance minutes June 13, 2018

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MAPE Finance Committee Meeting Minutes
June 13, 2018

A regular meeting of the MAPE finance committee convened at 12:10pm on June 13, 2018. Members present (at the MAPE office and via Adobe Connect / conference call): Todd Maki (Chair), Ken Jackson, Marcia Beukelman, Scott Rood and Paul Schweizer.

We continued working on the 2019 budget proposal with Paul S.

We reviewed the decision from our last meeting to use a 60% membership level to project dues income. As of May 11, MAPE represented 14,732 people so for budgeting purposes dues income would be $4.8 million (8,839 members * $21 dues per pay period * 26 pay periods).

On the expense side we reviewed more accurate expenses for salaries and insurance. This is a key part of the budget, accounting for a large part of the MAPE Central expenses and about half of our annual spending.

We still need better estimates for the membership drive and educational and independent political expenditure line items. This will help us finalize numbers for the regular “status quo” part of the budget.

Looking into budget implications of the proposed restructuring, some items would provide cost savings while others will incur additional expenses. After our first pass through all the line items, it looks like an overall savings of about $160,000 but we need a more accurate estimate for the negotiations committee and some of the other line items.

Our overall goal is to hold expenses to the same level as the 2018 revised budget if possible.

MSP (Beukelman) to approve minutes from the May 23, 2018 meeting.

We are still missing budgets from Locals 1301, 1302, and 1303 and missing checkbook audits from Locals 1201 (who has a checkbook but is not using it), 1202 (who has a new treasurer but no records from last year), 1302, and 1303. We will send notice to Locals with a funds cut-off date per MAPE policy.

Meeting adjourned at 2:20pm.

Next meeting dates scheduled for Wednesday July 11 and Monday July 16 from noon to 3pm via Adobe Connect. Future topics include review and discussion of investments (July 11) and 2019 budget (July 11 and July 16).

Respectfully submitted, Todd Maki