Executive Committee Minutes Oct. 4, 2019

Publish Date

Present: SW President Chet Jorgenson; SW Vice President Thu Phan; SW Treasurer Todd Maki; SW Secretary Lynn Butcher; Political Council Chair Cathleen Cotter; Organizing Council Chair Sarah Evans;  Executive Director Lina Jamoul

Absent: None

Guest: Emil Angelica, Community Consulting Group

Meeting called to order at 8:55 AM

MOU on Federal Shutdown (Jorgenson). MMB sent MOU on federal shutdown with updates; this was originally negotiated a few years ago, and since about 40% of members are somewhat funded by federal government, there are too many to vote directly on the MOU.  Board will have to approve at future meeting.

Dues for people in active military (Jorgenson) Was recently alerted to the issue of dues suspension during active military duty.  MAPE bylaws have provision that allows active duty military on deployment to have a suspension of dues until their return without having to drop membership, however, when these members submit their military pay to the state in order to receive the difference between military and state pay, they are having dues deducted.  The matter will need to be agreed upon by the board of directors in terms of intent, and then the Operations staff can figure out a way to reimburse affected members.

MSRS (Jorgenson) Meeting with MSRS on October 16th regarding MAPE’s Islamic members and their restrictions for investing.

Location for DA 2020 (all)

M(Butcher)SP to hold DA 2020 at DoubleTree Bloomington;

Exec Committee recommends having Beth look three years in advance with the intention of booking.  The committee discussed whether Negotiations Convention should be booked for Friday before DA.  Lina will ask Beth to check availability for Friday before. 

Strategic planning (Jamoul) Presented a recap of the current Strategic Plan until

Session with Emil Angelica, Community Consulting Group regarding recommendations for Executive Committee.  Emil reviewed the issues he found in his review of policy and bylaws.  The following was decided as next steps:

  1. Exec Committee agreed that the Executive Director reporting structure needs to be fixed in order to reflect a single reporting structure to the Board of Directors, with the Executive Committee as evaluator of performance; SW President Jorgenson will ask the attorney to address and will bring back to exec committee for review;
  2. Emil recommended removing limitations on Executive Committee that prevent it from acting as the board between meetings, and placing limitations on staff; he will prepare some suggested ways of dealing with this;
  3. The executive committee will hold off for now on addressing the issue of board involvement in hiring;
  4. SW Treasurer Todd Maki will review policy regarding the Finance Workgroup and Trustees and bring forward suggested language for clarifying duties of each in order to remove confusion;
  5. SW Treasurer Todd Maki and Executive Director Lina Jamoul will bring forward suggestions on reconciling direction for who presents the budget to the board;
  6. Discussion about relationship of BA staff to local leadership will be added to December OPEIU Meet & Confer Agenda (Jamoul)
  7. The executive committee (?) will determine who speaks for MAPE for specific issues, and will develop suggested language.
  8. Conversation about alternatives attending BOD meetings will continue.

Executive committee entered Executive Session at 2:00 PM and ended Executive Session at 4:10 PM

Meeting adjourned at 4:12 PM