Executive Committee minutes June 1, 2018

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MAPE Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
3460 Lexington Avenue North
Shoreview, MN 55126
June 1, 2018


Present: Chet Jorgenson, Joan Treichel, Todd Maki, Lina Jamoul
Guests: Kelly Ahern, Caitlin Reid
Absent: SamSam Abdalla

Meeting called to order by Chet Jorgenson at 9am.

MSP (consensus) to approve last month’s exec committee minutes.

Membership report (Treichel). Statewide, we recruited 250 new members in May. That moves our membership to 71%. Ten Locals recruited more than 10 new members during May!

Exec Committee members are planning to attend the membership blitz on June 28.

MSP (Treichel) to approve new legal language for membership cards.

Discussed pending Janus decision. Staff is putting together a FAQ. Lina will distribute a draft to exec committee for review.

Discussed business agent split of duties with Lina and Kelly. Enforcing and Organizing BA’s report that they appreciate the focus of duties. Leadership development and capacity building are the keys to success.

Discussed negotiations committee. Chet and Lina to put together a plan and budget request so that work can start this year, potentially in August.

Discussed new BA positions. Our newest Organizer starts on Monday. Congratulations, Alex! Finalists for the other open position have been interviewed but an offer has not yet been made. Additional references have been requested.

Discussed Anoka Ramsey Treatment Center issues with Caitlin and attended a Local 1301 worksite meeting from 1:00 to 2:00pm.

Discussed proposed contract with the IAF.
No action taken. Submitting a grant request and including this in the 2019 budget are options.

Discussed approval of public employee pension reform.
MSP (Maki) to use $500 from undesignated reserves to support Governor’s public pension celebration in June. Approved by the exec committee because of short timeline.

Discussed proposed revisions of data practices policy and made additional edits. We will review this at the next Board of Directors meeting.

Discussed AFL-CIO Organizing Institute training event in St Paul on July 11 to 13.
MSP (Maki) to authorize 2nd VP and up to five members attend. Membership drive budget to fund registration, lost time and travel expenses. Approved by the exec committee because of short timeline.

Discussed working with Our Minnesota Future coalition.

Discussed working with Healthcare Minnesota. We will invite a representative to speak at one of our next Board meetings.

Discussed diversity training for the Board of Directors.
No action taken.

Discussed Minnesota Union Leadership Program offered by the University of Minnesota.
No action taken.

Treasurer’s report (Maki). Minutes from the last finance committee meeting are on the website. Budget planning for 2019 has started. The goal is to put together two proposals – one with the current MAPE structure and one with proposed revisions.

Next Executive Committee Meeting – Date
MSP (consensus) to reschedule the meeting for July 6 to July 13 and host a staff BBQ for lunch.

Meeting adjourned at 4:10pm

Submitted by Todd Maki