Executive Committee minutes April 27, 2018

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MAPE Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
3460 Lexington Avenue North
Shoreview, MN 55126
April 27, 2018


Present: Chet Jorgenson, Joan Treichel, Todd Maki
Guests: Lina Jamoul, Murial Gubasta
Absent: SamSam Abdalla

Meeting called to order by Chet Jorgenson at 9am.

Reviewed resumes for Business Agent position.
Additional position to be posted through May 3.
Conference calls scheduled for May 3 at 2pm and May 4 at 2pm to discuss further.
Interviews to be scheduled May 8 at the MAPE office.

MP(consensus) to approve last month’s exec committee minutes as amended.

Board Code of Conduct
This was an agenda item that we did not get to at our last Board meeting. We will include code of conduct information in the next BOD packet and have small group discussions on this topic at our next Board meeting.

Membership Report
The blitz strategy is working well. Statewide we have 150 new members in March. Monica Weber was the top recruiter in March with 14 new members. The Local with the highest increase is 701 with 16 new members. As of the last report we have 10,246 members, 69.9% of the people in our bargaining unit. More membership blitz’s are scheduled.

New officer training
Discussed the agenda for new officer training scheduled for August 24. We will do more planning for this event at our next meeting.

Janus Preparation
Communications are ready to go for day of decision. We are working with MMB on how to handle dues deduction for a mid pay period decision. We will issue re-funds where needed but are planning to have conversations with each member. A command and call center established.

Report out on 1:1 conversations
Collectively we have met with about 25 members and potential members in the past three weeks. We will continue to meet 1:1 with members. Our target is 4 to 6 each before our next meeting.

Leadership and Organizing – Training for Action
Discussed MAPE Leadership School proposal. It would provide intense union education through a structured plan that unites members in a single cohort, building to agency or worksite actions in March or April of 2019. MP (Treichel) to recommend to the Board to fund up to two cohorts from the Training Budget. Each cohort will cost approximately $26,000.

Guest speaker at the next Board of Directors meeting
We will invite Denise Cardinal, Executive Director for the Alliance for a Better Minnesota to discuss fundraising, ad buys, independent expenditures and politics in the 21st century.

Next Executive Committee Meeting – Date
The meeting is scheduled for June 1.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm

Submitted by Todd Maki