ERC minutes May 17, 2018

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Employee Rights Committee Minutes
May 17, 2019
Room B, Shoreview, MN
Present: Joan Treichel, 2nd Vice President, Jed Becher (1), Carol Logan (2), Bill Dunn (3), Lee Sullivan (4), Ted Sitz (5), Tabatha Reis-Miller (6), Julie O’Connor (7), Theresa Chapman (8), Jim Roettger (9), Cindy Kolodjeski (11), Eva Peterson (14), Leonard Skillings (16), Jennifer Johnson (17), Gretchen Scharmer (18), Valerie LaPorte (19), Kay Pedretti (20), Kathy Fodness, Enforcement Business Agent (EBA)
Absent: Chief Stewards from Regions 10, 12, 13, 15, 21

The meeting was called to order at 8:35am
1) Introduction of Chief Stewards—Round robin of all chief stewards with updates on steward meetings in regions and current issues in each regions.
a. One region has representational reps spread out in three cities
b. Some agencies are following AFSCME contract, instead of MAPE, for vacation requests (stating you cannot submit a vacation request more than 6 months in advance)
c. Some harassment complaints with lawyers involved-discussed having member exhausting union rights prior to involving lawyer. EBA’s will not work with lawyers.
d. Ideas on using technology in spread out region
e. Discussed ‘tabs’ being open on web browser and HR assuming you are on a non-work website all day due to the tab being open. If issues arise, check with your IT professionals to see if they can distinguish your activity on the internet at your agency.

2) 2nd Vice President Report—Membership Blitz’s throughout the state were discussed. May 2 was a great day for membership cards. As a result of that day MAPE went up 0.25% in membership. We are over 70% with membership statewide.

3) Chief Steward Elections Policy-(Handout) Discussed how the process worked in each region. It seems each region does it slightly differently. Regions 6, 13, and 17 have vacancies at Chief Steward presently.

4) Enforcement BA Update: Kathy Fodness gave a few updates
a. Reallocations—We have been grieving the process. Never use “reassignment” in any verbage or email, it automatically causes the job to be posted.
b. Ed Hudson, Commissioner of MMB sent a letter to Kathy letting her know training coming –2 trainings will be in place (supervisor and employee). Todd Kohl is retiring on August 1—he has worked great with our members who have been bullied. Kathy will send this to all stewards. Kathy will approach BMS about their role in the policy.
c. Basic Steward training on May 4—lots of new people. In the future, Beth will send the list of basic steward trainees out after the training.
d. Enforcement team will start revising policies attached to ERC. Finished Arb Appeal Policy. NO shows on day of appeal.
e. Enforcement BA’s will be sending out new info to all stewards—example “Private sector vacation Credit FAQ” and Pilot Phased Retirement FAQ Each agency is using their own discretion on how many years. Chief Stewards should do a data request on how many refusals agencies have. Phased
f. Drop strategy will be shared with all stewards. MAPE will set up a response room to field calls.
g. Enforcement team is interested in having a partnership with chief stewards. Best practices/standards the team would like to make more consistent.
i. Connect with Chief Steward 1x per month on grievance
ii. Stewards are always be part of discussion in substantive issues with management
iii. Would like to maximize number of stewards at grievance meetings
h. Training-
i. Basic steward training
ii. Advanced steward training-start with grievance—write it up—investigation-evidence-arb opening statement
iii. Regional steward training
iv. Steward meetings on common issues
1. Exempt vs Non-exempt myth busters
2. Class action grievances
3. Lessons learned
v. Brown Bag sessions-after work on ITV (next meeting will get list)
vi. Modules on contract language-EBA’s not sure they are being used
vii. Steward assessment--Can they do an investigation, Can they handle an appeal, Can they handle a 1st step grievance, Do they want to be involved in political work, and do they want to help in membership work. Important to remind stewards that the first job is to represent. A draft form will be sent to all chief stewards.
viii. Template for steward drive-may talk about it next meeting
i. Review of Arbitration

5) Update –Lina Jamoul, Executive Director, updated on the legislature—trades bill, MNIT bill, pension, etc. Janus decision will come in June. Drop strategy in place at MAPE Central. On day of Janus decision there will be communication from MAPE to leaders, members, and fee payers.

6) 4 Chief Stewards volunteered to work with Enforcement BA’s on revision of policy related to ERC. Cindy K., Valerie L., Kay P., and Eva P. all volunteered to work with the 4 Enforcement BA’s.

7) Evaluation of Business Agent split of duties—Lina debriefed on this topic. Staff like it, in fact, no one wants to go back to the old system. Enforcement staff do feel they have more focus on their duties now. There are a few points of disagreement. Two examples: 1) Meet and Confer’s are currently covered by organizers but will have contract enforcers involved on a case by case basis (need to ask for it). 2) Investigations of terminations will have MAPE staff involvement. MAPE’s staff measure of success is to build a steward infrastructure. Lina’s old position will remain open. Two business agents will be hired in the next few weeks to be at full staffing.

8) ERC’s next meeting is Monday, July 16th (8:30am-4:30pm)

9) ADA Basics Training with Ken Rodgers (1:30-3:30)

Adjourned at 4:15 pm