Education meet and confer minutes Feb. 13, 2018

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Meet and Confer

February 13, 2018
Attending for MDE Executive Team: Brenda Cassellius, Tammy Funk
Attending for MAPE 1001: Jackie Blagsvedt, Dawn Cameron

Hiring Committees
Members have reported being invited to participate in the hiring process. Thank you for sharing this option with directors and supervisors.

New hires and length of service credit
We discussed current practices and potential improvements to the onboarding process to ensure new hires receive credit for all service eligible to apply to their vacation accrual rate. New hires currently get an email from Human Resources (HR) confirming their vacation accrual details. HR is developing a vacation accrual form to ensure all new employees know what details they need to request from former employers. Tammy recommends that new employees keep copies of their length of service letters from former employers.

Verification of supervisory requirements
We discussed best practices for building a workplace culture where employees can easily find and feel comfortable asking for written agency policies that inform supervisor decisions. It is always okay and professional to ask a supervisor for information on a policy or practice they are applying. MMB's Human Resource and Labor Relations Policies and MAPE's contract with the State of Minnesota can also be consulted. When there is an unresolved concern, MAPE stewards can be a resource and can work with HR to facilitate a discussion around a policy or best practice.

Privacy and Printer Settings
We discussed a need for reminders and refresher trainings on data privacy requirements. All MDE employees should follow best practices and utilize printer functions to protect privacy when printing sensitive documents.

Arranging for Travel and Business Expenses
Car reservation and travel expense reimbursement continue to be areas of frustration and concern. We discussed adding guidance on Inside MDE, ongoing training opportunities, and responsive technical assistance.

Workplace Culture and Safety Surveys
Directors have shared the workplace safety surveys with employees. Change Champions have been selected from across MDE divisions and will soon facilitate discussions to share in depth Workplace Culture survey findings and collect additional feedback from staff. The executive team will continue to update MDE staff as next steps are determined.

Legislative Update
MAPE members will rally at the capitol to welcome back state legislators on February 20. Governor Dayton will deliver the State of the State address on March 14. Government Relations hosts legislative updates at MDE most Monday mornings throughout the session.