DEED Meet and Confer minutes November 19, 2020

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DEED Meet and Confer Meeting Minutes

November 19, 2020

Present for MAPE: Kirsten Peterson (chair), Maureen Dunaway (vice-chair), Angela Christle, Chelsy Montan (secretary), Alana Stickler, Kelsey Goneau Martinson, Michael Prideaux, Janet Kitui, Tim Qualley, Frida Alvarez, Caitlin Reid (MAPE Business Agent).  

Present for the employer: HR Director Shelia Reger, CareerForce Director Lorrie Janatopoulos, Employment Services Director Mike Lang, Customer Service Center Director Jennifer Fuhr, Labor Relations Manager John Erickson, Labor Relations HR Consultant Jacqueline Lyaruu-Macha and Assistant Commission for Operations Evan Rowe

Wagner Peyser Staffing in Northern MN

MAPE expressed concerns with workload and staffing of Wagner-Peyser staff in Northern Minnesota. Management indicated that service numbers are down and there are budget constraints however staffing is priority and they feel the workload is appropriate.  No further reductions are planned.

CareerForce Reopening

MAPE expressed concerns over CareerForce reopening, and asked about any timelines. To encourage open communication and collaboration, MAPE asked if a limited-scope joint labor management meeting with MMA and AFSCME could be established to make sure everyone is on the same page. Management indicated they have no set date to reopen and given the severity of the COVID 19 pandemic all plans to reopen are in a holding pattern. Management confirmed that all CareerForce Job Service staff are priority level 2 and Veteran Services staff are priority level 3.


MAPE asked if any DEED staff have been placed on the redeployment list for Contact tracing. Management indicated if the position is federally funded the staff person cannot be redeployed so most DEED staff would not qualify. As of now no DEED staff have been redeployed. If someone wants to volunteer, they should talk to their supervisor and update their skills profile in Self Service.

FNB Lease update

MAPE asked for updates regarding the status of the lease at 1st National bank. Management indicated no updates currently.

Performance Management

MAPE brought forward concerns regarding the “graciousness” category on the annual performance review. MAPE indicated a data request is needed to ensure there is no systemic discrimination in people who fail at this measure. Management indicated they need to think about what data is helpful and would like some time to discuss the request. Management also indicated if an employee receives a score they do not agree with under this category or any other they should discuss it with their manager or supervisor to follow the appeal process. MAPE advises members they should contact their stewards for assistance.

Supplemental Negotiations

MAPE gave notice that they intend to bring forward Supplemental Negotiations as the UI Memorandum of Understanding regarding vacation requests sunsets at the end of the contract year. Management indicated they will look at the supplemental guidelines and respond appropriately.

UI vacation requests and Memorandum of Understanding

MAPE raised questions on the current vacation request process for UI. Currently UI staff cannot request more than 3 vacation days off in a month and can only submit requests off one month in advance. The Memorandum of Understanding related to vacation requests was not followed. MAPE asked if DEED received permission from MMB to suspend any portion of the collective bargaining agreement, as per Governor Walz’ executive orders. Management expressed concerns regarding staffing and the response needed due to the pandemic, and indicated they were not aware if MMB permission was granted. Management requested a separate meeting to address this issue.

Employee Recognition Awards

Management indicated they are trying to make DEED a healthy workplace for employees and are excited about the employee recognition awards. Management indicated they received many nominations and they will all be presented at the December 15th Town Hall.

DDS Federal Appropriations

Management indicated layoff notices for DDS staff are being sent out until federal funding is secure. MAPE asked if a town hall could be held for DDS staff with MAPE and management. Management agreed.