DCT Closures

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Hello MAPE-represented Direct Care and Treatment employees,

Many of you may have seen the March 18 memo announcing the potential closure of CARE St. Peter and CARE Carlton and the repurposing of the St. Peter CARE facility for use by the Forensic Mental Health Program to care for patients who have been civilly committed as mentally ill and dangerous. This is extremely concerning and will have significant implications not only on the lives of our patients and clients, but on the lives of MAPE members as well.   

This notice came as a surprise to all of us and contradicts the previous message received from management last summer when we were told staff would be added, and higher quality programming and services would be provided at CARE facilities in Anoka, Fergus Falls, St. Peter and Carlton. This new plan does not align with the goal of improving treatment outcomes, reducing relapses and overdose deaths, and avoiding preventable readmissions. Nor does the plan address existing issues of staff shortage in forensics and other DCT programs.  

Management is making decisions without necessary input from stakeholders, community leaders and staff, who will be directly impacted by these changes.  

Take Action

We are asking DCT members to email the legislative decision-makers and encourage them to oppose the Governor's proposal to close these centers. 

Before you send, personalize the email in the space provided with:

1. your name,
2. job title,
3. where you work,
4. how this decision will impact you (if you do not share your story, delete that section before you send it!)
5. your name in the signature section and
6. your home address (not P.O. box)

Email legislators now!

(make sure your pop-up blocker is off to get the email link to work)

Click here for sample email language and who to email.

Stay tuned for more actions!

In Solidarity,

CARE member leaders and stewards