Complete the Negotation Survey by Dec 23

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Over the next six months, MAPE will be negotiating with the State of Minnesota for our 2021-23 contract. Our Negotiations Committee is gathering member input through this survey, in which, we will analyze your responses. Your answers will provide us direction as we formulate bargaining positions and proposals. 

New this year, we have a section devoted to equity in the workplace. MAPE understands the importance of equity in the workplace, and we want to continue having these conversations with our employer. We’ll be in a better position to advocate for the changes we need if we know where you stand on these important issues.

Through contract negotiations we have the opportunity to set the tone for economic recovery and ensure the work our members do for the state of Minnesota is front and center in that recovery. While the $1.27billion state budget deficit will be a challenge, it will be our honor to negotiate the wages, benefits and working conditions for 15,000 people who are keeping Minnesota moving through one of its greatest challenges.

We look forward to hearing your input on this coming contract! 

Carolyn Murphy and Adam Novotny
Co-Chairs Negotiations Committee