Coalition Building Workgroup invites members to show solidarity with St. Paul Federation of Educators

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The Coalition Building Workgroup recently held its first 2024 meeting to discuss how MAPE can build stronger cross-labor and community organization coalitions. The workgroup’s goal is to identify opportunities to strengthen relationships with outside organizations and promote the labor movement, working class and the common good. Members also plan to invest in mutually beneficial alliances. Another of the group’s goals is to develop strong organizing practices while building a fighting union.  

SPFE rally

The Workgroup invited members to show solidarity with the St. Paul Federation of Educators (SPFE) rally in support of a strong contract. Members gathered on Tuesday with teachers, parents and community members to demand better wages, smaller class sizes and more support.  

MAPE staff with SPFE president

In the coming weeks the SPFE bargaining team will meet with the district so now is the best time to support teachers who are fighting for strong schools. The Coalition Building Workgroup encourages MAPE members to see how critical well paid and supported teachers are to our children’s access to high quality education. Strong contracts, well-funded schools and happy employees mean our children get the best education possible. We all have a hand to play in supporting that fight!  

Learn about SPFEs bargaining proposals and upcoming actions here.  

Coalition Building Workgroup is open to more members! Join us! You can find our charter, upcoming meetings, events, and meeting notes here.

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