2023 MAPE Award Winners

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Every year during Delegate Assembly, the MAPE Executive Team gives out special awards to honor the accomplishments of MAPE members and Locals who do so much for all of us.  

Local Membership Awards  

Lauren Seigel, Chair of the Organizing Council, acknowledged four Locals for their improvement in local membership including Locals 902, 1304, 1601 and 1201. Good work on recruitment and building your locals!  

Seigel also awarded locals with 75% membership or higher: 

  1. Local 1303 - 88.9%  

  1. Local 1903 - 79% 

  1. Local 301 - 78.3% 

  1. Local 1701 - 78.1% 

  1. Local 1002 - 77.7% 

Outstanding Steward Award 


The Outstanding Steward Award is an honor bestowed upon an exceptional steward who exemplifies dedication, advocacy and unwavering commitment to the betterment and representation of our members.  

This year’s recipient is Region 2 Chief Steward Wanda Fortune-Stiffin. Wanda is a genuine leader. Delegating work is not always an easy task and she does it well. But, the fact that she delegates, doesn’t mean she isn’t there to support her stewards in Region 2. She is always willing to help and honest in her answers to our members.   

The two things that put her over the top for this award were the fact that during Chief Steward elections this year, she had many stewards make sure to nominate her. It was clear they appreciate the work she does.   

The two things that put her over the top for this award were the fact that it was clear stewards appreciate the work she does because so many of them nominated her during Chief Steward elections this year. To top it off, there was her rendition of “We Are Family” at the Steward Retreat…meals for family members.

Distinguished Member of the Year Award  

Kristin Kirchoff-Franklin

The Distinguished Member of the Year Award honors an individual whose actions, leadership, and dedication have resonated throughout our community, leaving an indelible mark on all of us.  

Kristin Kirchoff-Franklin is our recipient. Her fierce spirit belies her calm exterior. A formidable co-chair of the Negotiations Committee, she recently helmed a massive accomplishment – securing our new contract. But that’s not all. As the Chief Steward for Region 3, she has continuously showcased her dedication to ensuring that each member's rights are protected and upheld.  

Since childhood, she’s been powered by an undying belief – a conviction that everyone should know their rights. While she dreamt of wielding this passion in a courtroom, she has chosen a different arena but with the same intensity. And in that arena, she battles for our members' rights, respect, dignity, and fair treatment. Her commitment to the cause was especially visible during tense negotiation sessions where her sharp intellect, clarity of purpose and persuasive demeanor shone through. She was unyielding in pursuing what was right for us, facing every challenge with grace and determination.  

Her contributions have been invaluable, and her dedication is unwavering. We are all the better for having Kristin in our ranks.  

Congratulations on this well-deserved honor. Kristin’s work for MAPE is an inspiration to us all and our team members! 

Outstanding Member Outreach Award 

Susan Sundee

The Outstanding Member Outreach Award celebrates the members who have displayed exemplary efforts in recruitment, engagement, and fostering unity within our ranks.  

Engagement is the heartbeat of a union. The more engaged our members are, the stronger and more effective we become. And in this ever-changing world, it is imperative that we grow in strength and unity. This year we honor Susan Sundee, someone who has played a pivotal role in enhancing that engagement.  

Susan is from Local 1601 and shows commitment and passion for membership recruitment. She played a crucial role in the Negotiations Committee this year and was also crucial in the success of MAPE-tober – a testament to her dedication. MAPE-tober transformed into one of our most successful recruitment events, and it is worth noting that thanks to her relentless efforts, Local 1601 recorded the highest turnout in a single shift. She returned triumphant, with around 20 newly signed member cards.  

But beyond these numbers lies her real strength: her ability to resonate with members, understand their perspectives and channel them effectively into our contract. Her relentless drive to learn, lead and represent Region 16 has enriched our union in countless ways.  

Susan’s hard work resonates in every member she’s touched, and her dedication is truly inspiring. Congratulations!  

Outstanding Union Achievement Award 

Cathleen Cotter

The Outstanding Union Achievement Award is a tribute to those who have dedicated their lives to the union's cause, shaping its course with their unwavering resolve. The award for outstanding union achievement is a testament to those who go beyond their roles and titles to make a difference. 

Cathleen Cotter is the inaugural winner of this award. From serving with distinction on MAPE’s Board of Directors, leading various councils and workgroups, to passionately advocating for our rights at the Capitol and energetically supporting pro-labor candidates, her contributions are vast and varied.  

But more than the positions held, or tasks undertaken, it's the relentless spirit, the unwavering dedication, the consistent presence that truly sets them apart. Time and again, Cathleen has been a beacon of consistency, always showing up, always standing firm. Their influence has shaped the direction of our union and touched countless lives, including my own. As a guiding force and one of the first positive voices many of us encountered in our union journey, this individual has been a true beacon of inspiration.  

Cathleen’s dedication to MAPE and our members will forever be etched in our history and will leave behind a legacy of inspiration and unwavering commitment. Congrats Cathleen!