2022 Tax Info for Members

Publish Date

February 16, 2023                                                   

All MAPE Members,

In previous years, some MAPE members have been able to deduct a portion of MAPE dues as a job-related expense on Federal and possibly state of MN income taxes. For 2022 this deduction is no longer available for federal income tax purposes, although it may still apply for MN taxes. 

This letter shows the portion of dues that are used for legislative activities and therefore designated as non-deductible. Activities in this category include things like staff time for meetings with legislators and is different and separate from campaign contributions made to candidates from the MAPE Political Action Committee (PAC).

We have consulted our CPA firm and it is their opinion this issue will only impact a handful of members.  Those members who use their MAPE dues as an itemized deduction will be the only ones affected.

However, each of you have different tax situations and we recommend you consult with your tax advisor as to the proper way to treat your dues and the portion that is allowable under the tax rulings.

For 2022 the percentage of your MAPE regular dues that are assigned as non-deductible is 17.60%.  It is our intent to inform you each year of the portion of your dues that are considered non-deductible.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Chet Jorgenson

MAPE Statewide Treasurer