Article 7 - Association Rights 2021-23 contract

Section 1. Association/Appointing Authority Meetings. It is agreed that representatives of the Association and the Appointing Authority shall meet quarterly upon request for the purpose of reviewing and discussing their common interests. By mutual agreement, other meetings may be held as the need arises at mutually agreed upon times. 

Section 2. Bulletin Boards. The Appointing Authority shall furnish reasonable space on official bulletin boards for the exclusive use of the Association. 

Section 3. Employee Lists. The Employer shall furnish the Association with a list of names, classifications, work addresses, home addresses, work phone, home phone, department, and county codes (if available) of employees covered by this Agreement on a quarterly basis upon request. The Association agrees to reimburse the Employer for the cost involved in generating each list. All such data shall be provided in a mutually agreeable format. 

Section 4. Use of State Facilities. The Appointing Authority may grant the Association access to State facilities, if appropriate facilities are available, for the purpose of meeting with bargaining unit employees. The costs of using State facilities shall be reimbursed to the Appointing Authority by the Association if other groups using State facilities are similarly charged. 

Section 5. Employer Public Financial Information. The Employer agrees to provide to the Association, upon written request, public information including, but not limited to, information pertaining to the Employer's budget, revenues, and other public financing information. The Association agrees to reimburse the Employer for the costs incurred. 

Section 6. Association Security. 

  1. Association Stewards. The Association may designate bargaining unit employees in regions to function as Association Stewards in all departments located within the boundaries of their region. Every six (6) months the Association President shall notify the Employer in writing of the names and departments of origin of the Association Stewards selected as provided in this Article and designate the region which each one will represent. The Association President shall notify the Employer of any subsequent changes in such Stewards. 

  1. Association Stewards’ Activities. The Employer agrees that during working hours, on the Appointing Authority's premises, within the regions and designated department(s) and without loss of pay, Association Stewards will be allowed reasonable time to post official Association notices on bulletin boards, distribute the Association newsletters, and to transmit communications authorized by the Association to the Appointing Authority as are required for the administration of this Agreement, providing however, this activity does not interfere with normal work duties, nor conflict with the security, rehabilitation and confidentiality needs of the Employer. 

However, reasonable time off without loss of pay to perform these functions shall not include travel time if the total travel time to and from exceeds thirty (30) minutes. The Association Steward shall first inform their supervisor of their impending departure and shall first receive approval to leave the work location. Such approval shall not be unreasonably denied. 

When more than one (1) Appointing Authority has offices within the same building, the Association may designate one Association Steward to perform the activities of this Article for the entire building regardless of the number of Appointing Authorities in the building. 

  1. Association Staff Rights. Association staff shall have the right to enter the facilities of the Appointing Authority consistent with the confidentiality, rehabilitation, and security needs of the Appointing Authority. This right may be restricted during emergency situations as determined by the Appointing Authority, but the Appointing Authority shall give a reason for the restriction. The Association staff shall not interfere with the job duties or responsibilities of an employee. 

  1. Orientation. A representative of the Association shall be provided a reasonable amount of time at a group orientation program to summarize the role of the Association, distribute the contract and provide a list of Association Stewards to new employees.