Article 25 - Call-in, Call-back, On-call 2021-23 contract

Section 1. Call-In. Any employee who is called in to work for early report by their supervisor outside their regularly scheduled shift shall be paid a minimum of two (2) hours at the appropriate overtime rate. A call-in occurs when the work assignment and the employee's regular shift overlap and the employee shall be paid the appropriate overtime rate until their regular shift begins. The minimum payment for call in shall be either the two (2) hours amount at the appropriate overtime rate or the actual hours worked during the call in at the overtime rate, whichever is greater. 

Section 2. Call-Back. An employee who is called back to work by their supervisor outside their regularly scheduled shift, shall be paid a minimum of two (2) hours at the appropriate overtime rate. A call-back occurs when the employee is required, without prior notice, to report to the worksite after the end of the employee's last worked shift, but not immediately preceding the next scheduled work shift. An early report or extension of a shift shall not constitute a call-back. Employees who are called back to work shall be reimbursed mileage for driving to and from their work station and their home if they use their own vehicle. 

Section 3. On-Call. An employee shall be in on-call status if the employee's supervisor has instructed the employee in writing to remain available to work during an off duty period. Any changes in on-call schedules shall be given to the employee in writing, with as much advance notice as practicable. An employee who is instructed to be in on-call status is not required to remain at a fixed location but is required to leave word where they may be reached or the employee may be provided with an electronic paging device. 

An employee who is instructed to remain in an on-call status shall be compensated for such time at the rate of fifteen (15) minutes straight time for each one (1) hour of on-call status. Such compensation shall be limited to four (4) hours of straight time pay per calendar day. An employee shall not receive on-call pay for hours actually worked. No employee shall be assigned to on-call status for a period of less than eight (8) consecutive hours. 

Section 4. Payment. Upon the mutual agreement of the Appointing Authority and the employee, hours earned under this Article for Call-In, Call-Back and/or On-Call shall be liquidated as cash or placed in the employee's compensatory bank.