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Liberty Mutual Mobile Claims App™

By Dennis Goebel, Vice President, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Our Claims App makes starting an auto or home claim easy.

As a Liberty Mutual Insurance customer, you know we are committed to providing quality auto and home coverage that provides peace of mind. We now can offer you the simplicity and convenience of our Mobile Claims App—because we understand that, while accidents can be overwhelming, the claims process shouldn't be.

With Liberty Mutual Mobile Claims you can:

  • Map your location using GPS
  • Take pictures of damage
  • Collect contact information
  • Share your insurance information
  • Record a voice note to help you remember key details
  • Access Liberty Mutual's convenient Mobile eService website to manage your policy directly from your mobile device Liberty Mutual Mobile Claims will even prompt for the photos and information you should collect for your claim based on the situation. The app can also connect you to a dedicated representative to help you through the claims process, so you can get back to the things you'd rather be doing.

Click here to learn more about the Liberty Mutual Mobile Claims App.

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