Dues 2024 Proposed Budget Update


The purpose of this toolkit is to assist leaders in presenting the dues update in their locals and provide information on the dues update to all MAPE represented employees. 


As one of the largest member-led unions in the country, we at MAPE stand at the intersection of influence and change. But as we navigate an ever-changing world, our financial structures – including our dues – need to keep pace. More than a decade has passed since our last dues update, which has seen rising costs and economic fluctuations, yet our collective financial contribution to our power has remained stagnant. It’s time we revisit this conversation.  

Acting in alignment with our strategic plan, we – the Finance Workgroup, Board of Directors and every committed member – are preparing to propose a fair dues update at the Oct. 28 Delegate Assembly. This is not merely about balancing our financial books; it’s about bolstering our collective power to secure a resilient and empowering future for all of us within MAPE.  

Dues calculator

Plug in your current hourly rate to see what your new bi-weekly dues amount will be if the dues update passes at Delegate Assembly.

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Dues Update Toolkit

Here you will find information about the dues update that will be in the proposed 2024 budget.

2024 Dues Overview and Talking Points


Sample Communication for Leaders

Dues Update Power Point - PDF version

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