Dues 2024 Proposed Budget Update


The purpose of this toolkit is to assist leaders in presenting the dues update in their locals and provide information on the dues update to all MAPE represented employees. 


At our recent 2023 Delegate Assembly (DA), delegates voted to update MAPE’s dues structure. Beginning Jan. 1, 2024, dues will be equivalent to .75 (45 minutes) of your hourly wage per pay period, with a cap of $32.50. This is the first dues increase in 11 years.    

Our goal was to generate the funds needed to win our big fights and secure our future.  

We pool our collective resources so we can have power to fight for our rights and working conditions.  

Dues are an investment in our collective power and voice. With this investment, we can: 

  • continue to fight for historic contracts   

  • further fund member committees  

  • increase member engagement 

  • have our voices heard at the Capitol and achieve legislative victories 

  • invest in updated technology infrastructure 

  • increase money set aside for times of crisis 

Membership is what makes our union powerful. With our dues, participation, action and collective courage, we use our power to fight for ourselves and all of Minnesota.  

Our union’s power lies in the strength of our collective ideas, people and resources. This fair update to our dues structure is a strategic step in fortifying our future. This past year has highlighted how solidarity leads to significant victories – we look forward to working together to see what our collective voice and action will help us achieve in 2024 and beyond.  

Dues calculator

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