Appendix I - Affirmative Action Committee 2019-21 contract

The Committee shall be composed of up to eight (8) persons designated by the Employer and up to eight (8) persons designated by the Association.

The Committee shall meet as determined by the parties.  The Committee shall study:

  • Affirmative action plans;

  • Affirmative action goals and objectives, including specific procedures to promote achievement of hiring goals and protection of goals in the event of layoff;

  • Data, including labor market statistics to determine if protected class individuals are available for employment or exist in present State employment;

  • Proposed solutions to existing problems brought to the Committee for review and discussion;

  • Measures to provide maximum cooperation with goals and objectives determined by the Committee;

  • Sexual harassment training;

  • Possible methods of increasing employees’ awareness of the types and effects of discrimination and the resources available to them to determine if they have been the object of discrimination;

  • Work with ACCESS (Alliance for Collaboration and Cooperation in Employment and State Services), the Diversity Action Council and the Office of Diversity to develop statewide anti-discrimination and diversity training; and

  • Other affirmative action issues of mutual concern.