COVID-19 redeployment FAQ 400-500 employees may be asked to redeploy

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The Dept. of Health's State Emergency Operations Center urgently needs contact tracing and administrative assistance related to the recent surge in COVID cases in Minnesota. State agencies have been asked to provide the redeployment center with 400-500 employee names by the end of the day on Thursday, Nov. 12. Your name may be submitted by your agency because of skills you may have that can help the Dept. of Health.

If my name is submitted, does that mean I will be redeployed?
If your name is submitted by your agency, it does not mean you will get redeployed. It's possible MMB will first ask for employees to volunteer, but there is no guarantee of that. It's also possible there may be more names put forward than the needs of the redeployment center requires.

When would I get redeployed?
Employees will not be immediately redeployed, and all employees will not be redeployed at the same time. It is likely that redeployment will be staggered, but we do not yet have information when redeployment may start.

If redeployed, how would my pay be impacted?
There will be no change to your rate of pay. Your insurance benefits, vacation and sick accruals, seniority, and other employment benefits will not change as a result of redeployment.

What if because of personal or other circumstances I believe I cannot be redeployed?
Exceptions are granted at the agency level and granted on a case-by-case basis depending on the facts and circumstances unique to the employee being asked to reassign or redeploy. If you believe you are unable to be redeployed and your name has been submitted, reach out to us at

If I am redeployed will I be allowed to telework?
Yes, all the redeployment positions are telework positions.

Will time in a redeployed position count as “experience” in that position if someone later applies for it?
It will not count towards seniority if the person is eventually appointed into the position, but that experience can be credited towards minimum qualifications for consideration in future vacancies.

What gives the State of Minnesota the ability to redeploy employees?
The State has put in place an Emergency Administrative Procedure for emergency reassignment and redeployment (see link below) under the authority of the Governor’s Executive Order 20-07. The peacetime emergency order because of the COVID-19 pandemic allows MMB to reassign state employees to respond to the emergency as needed.

Where can I get more information?
Here is a link to Emergency Reassignment and Redeployment Administrative Procedure:

If I am redeployed, how long will I remain in that position?  
It’s impossible to say right now, because this is all tied to the state of the COVID outbreak. The sooner things get back under control, the sooner redeployed employees will return to their regular jobs. MAPE and the other unions will be in regular communication with MMB and Governor Walz’s office, and any information will be shared as rapidly as possible.

Will being redeployed interfere with my ability to apply for promotions or other openings in State service?
No. Everyone is encouraged to continue pursuing career goals even while redeployed. You can apply for promotions or other jobs just as you always would.

Am I allowed to request vacation time while redeployed? What about a previously-approved vacation – will I still be allowed to take it?
You do not surrender your right to use vacation just because you are redeployed.  However, as is always the case, management has a right to approve or disapprove vacation requests based on the needs of the enterprise. The best thing to do is to check in with your supervisors as early as possible.