Membership Committee

Membership Committee

Board of Directors Revision Date: 6/18/2010, 6/19/2015

Summary: Membership Committee mission and goals.

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To promote membership by organizing local membership secretaries/committees, coordinating recruitment efforts and education.

Goals, tasks, deliverables:

  • Implement plan for personal contact in recruiting all fee payers, new hires, transfers, and associate members.
  • Improve communication between local membership secretaries/committees, the 2nd Vice President and MAPE Central.
  • Increase MAPE visibility at the work site (MAPE bulletin boards, events, etc.)
  • Develop and conduct comprehensive membership campaign at least biennially (every other year).
  • Support the continuous recruitment and organizing efforts by the locals.
  • Promote benefits of membership to fee payers and members.
  • Coordinate MAPE scholarships.

In addition:

As chair of the membership committee, the 2nd Vice President shall work closely with MAPE staff to:

  • Coordinate reporting to local membership secretaries/committees each biweekly update from the state on new hires, transfers, and membership percentages.
  • Update/revise membership cards (paper and electronic).
  • Update customized materials (paper and electronic) for new member packets as needed.
  • Contribute to training and education of new officers after local elections.