Government Relations Committee

Government Relations Committee

Board of Directors Revision Date: 6/18/2010

Summary: Government Relations Committee mission and goals.

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To proactively establish an effective presence and create partnerships to promote MAPE’s legislative issues and concerns. Goals, tasks, deliverables:

  • Review all MAPE’s Legislative Position papers prior to Delegate Assembly.
  • Review resolutions from Delegate Assembly and develop new Legislative Position papers.
  • Prior to legislative session, review position papers and select five as priority issues on which to concentrate.
  • Review actions during the legislative session, assist Legislative Affairs Director with lobbying efforts.
  • Assist in developing MAPE’s position on bills introduced that affect MAPE members.
  • Assist in education initiatives for MAPE members.

Ongoing goal vision:

  • Promote membership activism.
  • Educate the public, MAPE members, media, elected officials and their staff.
  • Strengthen and build coalitions with other unions and workgroups.