Diversity Committee

Board of Directors Revision Date: 2/16/2007, 2/16/2009, 6/18/2010, 3/21/2014

Summary: Diversity Committee mission and goals.

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To strengthen the Association’s interaction with the state concerning the planning and implementation of Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity programs, and to strengthen the Association’s own internal programs, policies and procedures in these important areas.

Goals, tasks, deliverables:

  • Identify Agency affirmative action committees and related programs.
  • Monitor and report on this Association and State Agencies, boards and committees dealing with affirmative action and diversity.
  • Identify, organize and educate MAPE members who serve on agency affirmative action committees and related programs so that information becomes available to MAPE, and these programs can be better monitored.
  • Present a comprehensive report to the Delegate Assembly.

Chair shall serve as MAPE’s Affirmative Action officer by:

  • Attending statewide meetings of Affirmative Action and related programs on behalf of, and representing, MAPE. (or appointed designee).
  • Serve as a member of MAPE’s Selection Committee.
  • Serve as a resource to MAPE’s Hiring Committee.

Affirmative Action Position Paper

Board of Directors Revision Date: 2/16/2004, 2/16/2009, 6/18/2010

Summary: Position paper on Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity as drafted by the Affirmative Action Task Force.

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MAPE supports the concept of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employment within the state employment system and MAPE. MAPE recognizes the benefits of implementing a well-reasoned Affirmative Action program. These benefits include creating a more representative and diverse state workforce and MAPE membership, and a workplace free of discrimination for its members. MAPE understands the advantages of an effective Affirmative Action program include providing a means of promoting communication and resolving internal disputes resulting in a less hostile work environment and preserving state resources by reducing the incidence of costly litigation. Our commitment is to creating a workplace and association free of discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, sexual identity, disability, sex, age, creed and public assistance status.

MAPE hereby recognizes the importance of Affirmative Action considerations in the association's endeavors in four areas:

  • In the association's lobbying efforts at the state level.
  • In the association's negotiations with the state on a bargaining agreement.
  • In the association's own internal programs, policies and procedures.
  • In the association's interactions with the state concerning the planning and implementations of the state's Affirmative Action program.
    MAPE supports the following Affirmative Action measures:
  • MAPE supports the concept of ensuring greater autonomy for state Affirmative Action officers and specifically supports the "direct reporting” procedures mandated by law.
  • MAPE supports the position that the state does a comprehensive review and validation of its testing procedures for state positions to eliminate and ensure against cultural, gender, racial or disability bias in these testing procedures.
  • MAPE supports the position that the state and association take adequate recruitment measures to ensure an appropriately diverse and representative applicant pool for the state's and association's employment opportunities.
  • MAPE supports the position that the state and association ensure appropriate retention rates through aggressive Affirmative Action programs and cultural diversity awareness training programs.