Local 1501 minutes Sept. 26, 2018

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Local 1501 Meeting Minutes
Sept 26, 2018 - Lueken’s Village Foods South- Conference Room
Call to order- 12:00 p.m.

President Report- TJ Melcher
Delegate Assembly report
Delegate Assembly took place on Sept. 15 in Bloomington, it is MAPE’s highest governing body. It convenes once every two years to approve MAPE’s budget and consider amendments to our bylaws and other governing documents. Thank you to Membership Secretary Katherine Kingsland and member Dale Dreyer for representing our Local.

We could still use one more volunteer to round out our board as the Secretary position is still vacant. Let me know if you’re interested in helping us.

Early Voting
Voting has never been easier as you don’t need a reason to vote early. So along with voting on election day (Nov. 6) you can vote early in person or by mail.

  • Vote by mail- You don’t need to be pre-registered, but you do need an absentee ballot sent to you. You can request a ballot online with the Secretary of State’s office. Your ballot must be received (or dropped off) by election day.
  • In person early voting- You don’t need to be pre-registered, but will need to show proof of residence. Reference your county elections office for locations to vote. The last day to vote early in person is Monday, November 5.

Vice-President Report- Mike Bates
Janus- Please see this Q&A to answer all questions regarding the Supreme Court Janus decision.

Union Stewards- As stewards we are here to help support all of MAPE, we won’t let the Janus decision divide our membership. So don’t hesitate to reach out to one of us if you need any help or insights.

Membership- Negotiations haven’t started yet, but you do have to be a member to vote on MAPE’s 2019-2021 contract. You can sign up online at www.mape.org/application.

Secretary Report-

Treasurer Report- Brodie Karger
Our local wasn’t very active for a long time, so we have built up a reserve in our account. That’s important because of the loss of paying members with the Janus decision. Our efforts at membership recruitment have really help to sustain our local with recruitment and membership support activities.

We are nearly complete with the process with getting our own checkbook. That will make it easier for us to conduct business as we won’t have to pay out of pocket and wait for reimbursement.

Membership Secretary- Katherine Kingsland
Delegates Assembly
At Delegate Assembly, our local was recognized as 1 of only 3 locals that increased its membership by double digits

  • Local 801- 15%
  • Local 602- 13.8%
  • Local 1501- 12%

Tim Walz, the MAPE endorsed candidate for Governor, was a guest speaker at the event and he emphasized the importance of electing union supporting candidates in the next election. It’s a very important time in regards to maintaining the rights of employees to collectively bargain with a fairly negotiated contract. You can find all of the MAPE endorsed candidates on the website. https://www.mape.org/mape/news/mape-endorsed-candidates-2018

We currently have 249 total members, and our membership is at 71.4%. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, or if you aren’t sure if you’re a member or not.

  • Members- 178
  • Non-members- 71

Business Agent Report- Debbie Prokopf (unable to attend)
Contract Negotiations
Brad Berce was elected as the region 15 representative for the Contract Negotiations Team. He comes in with experience as he served on the last negotiations team as well. He is currently conducting listening sessions to hear from our members. You can reach out to him directly with input or you can also submit it online. One of the things being talked about right now includes an expansion on the ability to take free classes at MnState schools, which can currently be done only by MnState employees. Brad’s contact info is listed in the contacts information below.

A big topic at Delegate’s was centered on the reorganization of MAPE. Generally speaking it really allows for a lot more opportunities to lead, but really makes our organization a lot more nimble. It will go into effect in June.
an infographic describing some of the changes is attached

The general election in November will likely bring changes as the new governor appoints his selections to lead each of the agencies as commissioners. So the election for Governor is important to every member and every agency. You can find the MAPE endorsed candidates here and there are also coordinated door knocking initiatives taking place across the state. You can see the list here.

We are currently recruiting like never before and it as really paid off as we have seen double digit growth. Membership right now is 74 percent, which is the highest it’s ever been. MAPE began preparing for the Janus decision a few years ago and has been able to handle the effects of Janus better than some other unions.

Financial Education Classes
A new round of the popular MAPE Financial Education Program classes is underway. MAPE, in conjunction with Capital Street Financial Services Inc., is offering these seminars to help our members achieve financial security. A wide variety of classes are scheduled to help you make wise financial decisions. For class descriptions, times, dates and locations, go here: www.mape.org/mape/news/financial-education-classes-fall-underway

Regional Director Report- Bryan Kotta
No report, unable to attend

Old Business

New Business

Membership: 71.4%

  • 249 total members
    • 178 Members
    • 71 Fee payer

Local 1501 Contacts
President TJ Melcher (MnDOT) 218-755-6552 tj.melcher@state.mn.us
Vice-President * Mike Bates (DNR) 218-308-2364 mike.bates@state.mn.us
Vacant Treasurer Brodie Karger (MnState) 218-755-3777 bkarger@bemidjistate.edu
Membership Secretary Katherine Kingsland (DPS) 651-793-2900 katherine.kingsland@state.mn.us

Contract Negotiations Team Rep
Brad Berce (DOC) 218-304-3005 bradford.l.berce@state.mn.us

Chief Steward
Bryan Kotta (MnState) 218-477-2606 kotta@mnstate.edu

Local Stewards
Brian Jambor (MnState) 218-755-2056 bjambor@bemidjistate.edu
Brodie Karger (MnState) 218-755-3777 bkarger@bemidjistate.edu
Katherine Kingsland (DPS) 651-793-2900 katherine.kingsland@state.mn.us
Kerry Ross (DNR) 218-308-2660 kerry.ross@state.mn.us
Mark Edevold (DNR) 218-308-2667 mark.edevold@state.mn.us
Mike Bates (DNR) 218-308-2364 mike.bates@state.mn.us
TJ Melcher (MnDOT) 218-755-6552 tj.melcher@state.mn.us

MAPE Local 1501 2018 meeting schedule (12 p.m. – 1 p.m.)
Nov 28- Lueken’s North, 1171 Paul Bunyan Dr NW, Bemidji
(meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of odd numbered months)

You can also find a complete listing of our officers and minutes on our Local 1501 webpage.

Meeting adjourned- 1:05 p.m.
Next Meeting: Nov 28 at Lueken’s South