Local 1303 minutes

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MAPE Local 1303
General Membership Meeting

Date: 8/28/2018
Time: 1130 – 1230
Location: Lino Lakes City Hall

Officers Present:
Vice President: Angie Halseth
Secretary: Bola Olarinde
Business Agent: Pete Marincel

Stewards Present:
Robin Windsperger

Treasure Report:
Checking balance: $64.31
Saving balance: $6406.00

President Report: None

Vice President Report:

  • Troy Borchardt will be giving a presentation today on negotiations.
  • It’s been brought to her attention that Management has been watching staff on cameras. Be cognizant that you’re taking your allotted lunch break.

Business Agent:

  • None

Regional Director
• None

Troy Borchardt spoke with the group about negotiations, and what we wanted to see in the contract. He provided the group with a Negotiations Listening Session handout. The group spent the meeting discussing the first discussion question, which asked – What would need to change in state government in order for you to recommend government service as a career to your kids, or someone you care about.