Thousands provide ideas for new contract Input from members for 2019-21 agreement

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MAPE received more than 8,000 responses when it asked members for ideas for the union’s 2019-21 contract. It was up to Negotiations Committee members to review them during the committee's Jan. 16-17 meeting.

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In the photo on the right, negotiators review more than 8,000 contract ideas from members.

“We’ve been identifying a lot of themes for our members on proposals we should make, identifying what members care about and what we should try to do at the negotiations table,” said Adam Novotny, Region 11 Negotiations Committee member.

A record number of MAPE members provided contract ideas: More than 5,500 participated in the union’s contract negotiations survey, 2,500 attended listening sessions at 130 sites statewide and 800 sent their ideas electronically to the union.

Five general contract themes have emerged:

  • Wages and health care.
  • Recruitment and retention.
  • Equity and inclusion.
  • Work-life balance.
  • Healthy workplace.

On Jan. 30, the Negotiations Team will meet with hundreds of members as part of a contract blitz at locations throughout the Twin Cities. Carolyn Murphy, who represents Region 4, will be leading one of the meetings at the Revenue Department where she is an accountant. Murphy said tuition loan reimbursement is an important issue at her agency. “We’re coming into a new age where many employees have student loan debt," she said. "To retain quality employees, we need to be competitive with the private sector which offers student loan reimbursement.”

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In the photo on the right, negotiators develop contract themes from thousands of member responses.

MAPE wants to hear from members about how they’ll be impacted by the negotiations themes. “Member participation is important to negotiating a strong contract. Even though we’ve already heard from a record number of members, we still need stories as we develop our proposals and move forward. Your negotiators will be attending local meetings and asking you to share your stories, and the contract action teams are also developing plans,” Negotiations Committee Co-chair Lynn Butcher, Region 19, said.

Contract impact stories may also be emailed to

The Negotiations Team will next meet Jan. 30-31.