Themes and Stories Top 5 Themes in 2019-2021 MAPE Contract Negotiations

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MAPE received more than 8,000 responses when it asked members for recruitment and retention ideas for the union’s 2019-21 contract. Many issues and ideas were discussed, but five main themes emerged from the listening sessions. The Negotiations Team will use these themes and the results of the bargaining survey to prepare proposals and priorities for negotiating MAPE’s 2019-2021 contract.

We need your help in putting a real person’s story behind the proposal. Share below how one or more of these themes have impacted you so we can strengthen our proposals and show the governor’s team why they’re valuable proposals.

  1. Wages and Healthcare
    1. Cost of living increases
    2. Holding the line on health care costs
  2. Workforce Development
    1. Tuition reimbursement and/or loan repayment
    2. Reallocation request timeliness/accountability
    3. Recognizing experience and institution knowledge
  3. Equity and Inclusion
    1. Promoting diversity and equal treatment for all employees
    2. Equal rights for unclassified employees
  4. Work-Life Balance
    1. Vacation accrual improvement
    2. Phased retirement program expansion
    3. Telecommuting/telework policy improvement
    4. Paid family leave
  5. Healthy Workplace
    1. Safety measures in the workplace
    2. Performance evaluation improvement