Template for contacting Gov. Walz

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Template for Writing an email to the Governor

Step 1:
Go to-

Step 2:

  • Fill out the contact info.

Step 3:

  • For Topic, choose “Other”
  • For Subject, write “Contract Settlement for MAPE”

Step 4:
Draft content-

Dear Governor Walz,
The work I do to serve the people of Minnesota matters.  I am asking you to take action to help us reach a fair settlement on our contract so we can continue providing the professional services Minnesotans need and deserve. {Insert a sentence or two about your work and why it matters to Minnesotans}

MAPE members have been central to Minnesota’s quality of life and the care and relief of its citizens throughout the pandemic. We stepped up every day to keep government running and never stepped down once during this crisis. You’ve often said, “Collective bargaining and union activism not only improves the lives of citizens in this state, but also lifts everyone else up economically.”

 Now I need the State to step up for me and negotiate an equitable contract.

To continue doing the best job possible for our fellow Minnesotans, there are several important items this contract needs to address. We need telework protected in the contract. We need clear and transparent criteria for Temporary Unclassified employees. We need Equity, Diversity and Inclusion recognized in the contract. Finally, we need quality, affordable healthcare and a modest cost of living adjustment. You and MMB Commissioner Schowalter told us you knew how important affordable healthcare is to the retention and recruitment of government employees and we expect you to honor your commitment to work with us to achieve this.  

I know you care about these matters. I know you say you support state workers. This is how you can support us so we can better support Minnesotans.