Template for Commissioner Delegation letter To accompany a delegation to a Commissioner

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Dear Commissioner ________,

Over the last 16 months, we have continued providing outstanding services to people across our state throughout the pandemic at the (Insert Agency/Department). We have (insert things that you have done: supported our fellow Minnesotans while teleworking,  put our own health at risk in order to take care of the most vulnerable, ensured people and businesses were kept safe by enforcing COVID-19  protections, worked to keep our communities safe, ensured our water and air remained clean, maintained our state parks so Minnesotans could enjoy a brief respite from the pandemic, etc.!).

Now as we enter the post-COVID-19 world, we are asking for our 2021-2023 contract to reflect what we have learned over the last year. We learned that we could continue to serve Minnesotans in an exemplary manner while working from home and telework needs to be protected in our contract. We learned an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion framework is essential for the future of our workforce and needs to be reflected in our contract. We learned Temporary Unclassified employees need to be hired with transparent and clear criteria in the contract. Finally, we must have affordable healthcare and a fair cost of living adjustment so we can better provide professional services to our fellow Minnesotans and care for our families. 

We’ve heard nothing substantive on these issues at the bargaining table from MMB.  Commissioner (name), you have witnessed the excellent services your team has  provided to our fellow Minnesotans over the past year and the ways we have stepped up for our agency and our state during the pandemic. We ask you to support us and ask MMB to negotiate a fair contract for the state workers who tirelessly worked to help keep government running and Minnesotans safe during the pandemic.  


Thank you.

MAPE Region___/Local___ Members