As some Senators push agency budget cuts, MAPE members testify about needs for Minnesota

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On February 16, Senate Finance Committee held a hearing on Senate File 3, a bill that would cut most agency budgets by 5 percent. Though MAPE members were not able to testify in person, two MAPE members submitted written testimony that told the story of the work that they have done in the last year to serve Minnesotans. They posed serious questions to the Senators pushing the bill.

“What 5% of your constituent’s health are you willing to cut? What 5% of your constituents do not get access to health information or resources?” asked Mateo Frumholtz, Minnesota Dept. of Health (MDH) employee.

Frumholtz worked over the last year responding to COVID-19 outbreaks. At times he collaborated with Sharrilyn Helgertz.

“My colleagues at the Health Department and I have put everything into this last year. There is not 5% to cut. Without my job, you

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would forego understanding our youth’s mental health and weaken our COVID response. Without the Health Equity Team, special populations might have been left out of the response. We have all been essential in the last year.” Stated Helgertz. “Your state government has stepped up this year, in every way possible to keep things going and adapt to the circumstances. We need investment, not cuts.”

Watch the video of this committee hearing and read their full testimony:

Mateo Frumholtz
Sharrilyn Helgertz