SEGIP seeks members for healthcare survey

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The State Employee Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) is seeking member volunteers to survey about their use of the Advantage healthcare plan.

SEGIP is partnering with researchers at the University of Minnesota to study and strengthen the SEGIP program. Since the Advantage plan began in 2002, reliable, statewide information about the quality of care that clinics provide has become available and incorporated into the program.

Researchers will be looking at this data and trying to determine better ways to inform members about the quality of care that clinics provide. Research methods include interviews, focus groups, quantitative methods, and testing new ways of displaying information on clinics and quality of care.  

SEGIP is looking for members from across the state to volunteer for interviews. Members must have been a state employee for at least three years and be willing to talk about their experiences and share their opinions on SEGIP, network choices, the care they received, and so on.

If interested in participating in the SEGIP study, please send an email with your name and email address to and use “SEGIP Study” in the subject line. Responses must be received by Aug. 27.