Ross Oden needs your help Member urgently needs medical care

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Ross Oden is a member from the Minnesota Department of Education. He was approved for the vacation donation program, but his benefits were exhausted on Aug. 22.

Ross Oden needs your help

For nearly a decade, Ross has been a valued member of the unit helping schools provide special education services to children with disabilities. He also is a loving husband and father of four adorable young children, the oldest of whom is only in second grade.

On Feb 1, he went to the emergency room in the very early morning, with difficulty breathing. He was in heart failure and has had a couple open heart surgeries and many procedures one of which was to put mechanical pumps on both sides of his heart. For the past seven months, Ross has been a patient at Abbott Northwestern and probably will need a heart and kidney transplant.

Ross is one of the kindest and most generous people his colleagues have ever met, so we want to help his wonderful young family with the financial burden they are facing. With four young children, Ross’s wife works part time and does not have health insurance. COBRA for health insurance alone for this family will be approximately $1,800 per month beginning this September.

Ross Oden's family

Ross and his family desperately need your help. Please go to to find out how you may donate to help Ross and his family through GoFundMe. You also will find a link on this page to Ross’s CaringBridge site. Please help support Ross and his family during this difficult time by making a donation.

The Odens are so thankful for the support they’ve received and continue to receive from colleagues, friends and family. Please help!