Revenue minutes Nov 13, 2018

Publish Date

MAPE-DOR Meet and Confer: November 13, 2018




MAPE: Lori Johnson, Brian Fischer, Nikki Engen, Gretchen Scharmer, Joe Sullivan, Emily Moen, Nick Frey (MAPE)


DOR: Lee Ho, Kathy Zieminski


  1. Travel Time Policy – asking for email update
    1. Mgmt sent email asking for response, however nothing was heard back. Mgmt sent them a copy of the travel policy regarding airline travel policy on the weekends, asking them to verify that the way we calculate travel time is at or more generous than how it is calculated for FLSA.
  2. RCO Reallocation Follow Up-MAPE
    1. MAPE presented update
    2. MAPE requests another meeting with Collections management which would include HR and Sr. Mgmt to work on making progress on the process so there is more transparency on reallocations and it is clear what the criteria to reallocate is.  Mgmt will send email to set up meeting.
  3. HR and Reallocation Timelines-MAPE
    1. Employee in a different division came into talk about reallocation. Employee submitted job audit review application in October of 2017, in October of 2018 they still hadn’t heard back regarding status of application. We would like a reallocation timeline, or if one doesn’t exist for one to be established, to show baselines of how long things will take and for employee to be contacted for update if process is going beyond expected deadlines.
  4. Emergency Leave: Duluth-MAPE
    1. There was a flooding issue in Duluth in the beginning of October, there was a lot of confusion on what types of leave employees should take.
    2. MAPE found administrative rule showing that agency heads can determine office closures, leaves with pay are determined by MMB Commissioner.
    3. If an employee were to call in and use vacation due to harsh weather, then emergency leave is announced later in the day, does the employee lose vacation day or can they use the emergency leave? If MMB approves the emergency leave, employees can amend their timesheet to reflect this time retroactively. MAPE would like to see a clarification of the emergency leave pay policy and weather announcements posted on Business Notices in RSpace.
  5. RE1’s and RTS work in ITW-MAPE
    1. Mgmt aware of restructure, checked with Dan Getchel, office audit work that went from office audit to TA was work that was already done by RE1s. It was true that on RTS downtime they would sometimes do that work but the work has always been RE1 level work. In addition number of MAPE represented positions has been increasing in TA as well. Reason for moving simple office audit work is to provide work for RE1s to provide variety and so they don’t have to be on the phones all day long.
  6. Ergonomic equipment fair-MAPE
    1. At a listening session Lori held a number of people talked about ergonomic equipment. Might be helpful to establish an ergonomic equipment fair to show people the options available and educate them about ergonomics.
      1. Mgmt – We could speak to our facilities people to see what’s available, we would need to gather more information at this time.
  7. Sexual Harassment claims-MAPE
    1. At last M&C we found that there appears to be problems with how sexual harassment is being handled. There is also a concern about an employee that suffered a sexual assault.
      1. Mgmt – At this point we aren’t where we would like to be regarding managing this process but we are at a point where we are learning more. It is hard to achieve consistency across the department because there is such a big variation between supervisor skillsets.
      2. MAPE –Our focus here is that we want to make sure that everything is being handled properly and efficiently and all the employee’s rights are listed out for them, a victim shouldn’t have to research to find everything themselves.


Update since 11/13/2018 meeting: MAPE and two complainants have been meeting with management to address concerns. Progress is being made on the reporting, training, and investigation process concerns.