Revenue Meet & Confer minutes Mr 6, 2019

Publish Date

MAPE-DOR Meet and Confer: 3/6/2019 9:30-10:30 Room 4907

MAPE Present: Lori Johnson, Gretchen Scharmer, Ann Adkisson, Emily Moen, Brian Fischer, Kristine Moody, Joe Sullivan, Nic Frey (MAPE Staff)

MDOR Present: Lee Ho, Alyssa Haugen, Kathy Zieminski


Travel time policy updates

  • No update yet, the contact at MMB is currently out of the office


RCO Reallocation update

Progress is being made on the RCO reallocation process

  • There are additional questions, some of them seem redundant, question whether these additional questions are needed? Would it be possible to eliminate redundant questions and reduce total number of questions to amount there were a few years ago, around four?
    • Kathy will go back to HR and look into whether these additional questions are needed in the reallocation application/questionnaire.


Weather/Emergency Leave

Update on recent severe weather policies. Management is working on improving ad hoc telecommuting availability for employees in the event of severe weather. Working to make ad hoc telecommuting for employees who aren’t required to be at work due to nature of job reasonably available for severe weather incidents.

  • MAPE: Could guidelines be posted clarifying when supervisors should make ad hoc telecommuting available to employees? Could employees be made explicitly aware of their eligibility for ad hoc telecommuting? Could Rspace be updated so all telecommuting information is current?
  • MAPE: Concerns about how policy is implemented, supervisors would tell individuals with tokens to work from home then make the employees who didn’t have tokens cover ACD shifts for those individuals. Some individuals felt offended that they had to risk traveling into work during severe weather to cover those shifts.
  • MAPE: Is there a timeline for expanding token use?
  • Management: New tokens were recently purchased, in the process of evaluating infrastructure around use. It is encouraged that, in the course of severe weather events, employees contact 651556-6211 for updates on potential weather closings.


Sexual harassment claim process update

  • Management provided update, they have been working with employees and the office of equity and inclusion to create an information packet with timelines and FAQs, in the process of getting feedback from stakeholders and improving packets. Additional training will be implemented, EDS is looking at inhouse sexual harassment training.
  • MAPE: Has MMB been brought in on any of these discussions as they could benefit from seeing what is being done at Revenue?
  • Management: Not yet, we don’t want to give them that opportunity until what we are developing here is more refined and ready for rollout.





Conflict of Interest

  • MAPE: Concern about potential conflict of interest in Collection Division.
  • Management: Appreciate feedback, will take a look at the input that was given.