Revenue Meet and Confer minutes Jul 11, 2019

Publish Date


Management: Kathy Z., Sara Westley, Lee Ho, Alyssa Haugen

MAPE: Lori Johnson, Ann Adkisson, Emily Moen, Gretchen Scharmer, Brian Fischer, Joseph Sullivan, Nic Frey (MAPE)


 Follow Up Items

  1. RCO Reallocation
    1. Team has been working jointly developing questions for the RCO 2-3 reallocation questionnaire, streamlining and reducing redundancy and number of questions from 16 to 5. The completion of this project means this project will be removed from the list.
  2. Conflict of Interest
    1. Management went over how changes in reporting relationships and duties of a supervisor would avoid a conflict of interest in the case of a supervisor in the Collections division.
    2. MAPE said it would be good for employees to be made aware that a system of checks and balances has been set up. Sara said that the system hasn’t yet been finalized but once it is they will publicize it to employees of the collections division.
    3. Overall consensus of management is that a conflict of interest doesn’t presently exist given the implemented checks and balances.
  3. Remote Access Network Tokens
    1. Working on plan for roll out on additional tokens for employees to help facilitate available telecommuting for inclement weather, business continuity. Initial focus is on the regional offices.
  4. Harassment Complaint Procedure
    1. Mgmt is still working on making the process more transparent. Working on helping the new director of equity access and inclusion to understand the complaint procedure.
    2. Is the information public regarding the success of the program? Not yet.
  5. Travel Policy
    1. Update from Kathy Zieminski, MMB responded on 7/10, doesn’t have enough information to release it yet due to just having received it, further analysis needed by HR.

New Items

  1. Revenue providing new refrigerators for divisions rather than employees.
    1. There are discussions currently ongoing in facilities regarding this issue, complicated by different divisions/units having different needs. Suggestion that discussions on this should go through division managers so it can go through the budget process.
  2. Student Loan Program
    1. Tentative contract agreement at statewide negotiations included an opt-in for agencies to implement a student loan reimbursement program.
    2. In supplemental bargaining we had an agreement that we would commit to forming a joint labor/management committee on researching a student loan reimbursement program.
    3. MAPE is asking to move forward with forming a committee and having a commitment to meet monthly or every two months.
      1. Management stated that it would be helpful to see the information MAPE has collected regarding this for surveys.
      2. Management would prefer to wait until the contract is approved before moving further with this issue.
  3. New Employee Orientation
    1. A month ago our membership secretary asked us to bring this item up as a reminder that for our NEOs it is appreciated if HR could keep a scheduled time for our union reps to meet with employees.
    2. There has been some confusion for the Ely office, a scheduled time wasn’t provided for MAPE reps to meet, so there was confusion on when they would be meeting with the new employees.
      1. Sara Westly would look into it further
  4. Seniority Roster
    1. Revenue management has no control over the new look, comes out of new information system. Encourages employees to make sure their dates are right.
  5. Contact List
    1. With Kathy Zieminski retiring will there be one central contact for union issues? Kathy Zieminski asked for copy of list and she would provide responses.