Open enrollment for SEGIP ends Thursday Reduce copay $5 when you take assessment, consent to coaching

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SEGIP’s open enrollment runs through Thursday. For MAPE employees, this is your annual opportunity to make certain changes to your benefit selections. Outside of open enrollment, you may only make changes if you have a qualifying life event.

Even if you aren’t making any changes, you must complete your health assessment and coaching consent statement during open enrollment to be eligible for the $5 office visit copay reduction in 2019. From Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB):

Changes you make will be effective for the 2019 plan year starting Jan. 1. If you don’t make any changes during open enrollment, your coverage will remain the same. The exceptions to that rule are your pre-tax choices, which need to be made each year.

You’ll want to double-check the cost level of your clinic for 2019, and review the carriers for both health care and dental coverage. Clinic levels for the current year are also listed. Go here:

Dental coverage is open for enrollment. New dental benefits for 2019 include:

  • Annual maximum benefit of $2,000.
  • Orthodontia for adults.
  • Implants covered at 80 percent (after deductible).
  • No copayment for sealants.
  • Benefits previously covered at 50 percent in-network will be covered at 80 percent (after deductible). For more information on your dental insurance, go here:

Additionally, you can enroll in or increase your long-term disability coverage or make changes to optional life insurance. Go here:

For more information on pre-tax accounts, go here: The general open enrollment page is here: